The ARQA Technologies QUIK Broker Trading Platform acquires Astana International Exchange certification

09 July 2020

Certification should aid access to the AIX trading system for new members and expand the client base of both companies.

The Astana International Exchange (“AIX”) is pleased to announce that ARQA Technologies-developed QUIK software has been successfully integrated with the Nasdaq Matching Engine system, which is the core technology behind AIX, allowing its members to use desktop, web, and mobile QUIK end-user trading terminals to trade on AIX. The QUIK platform also gives its retail users the opportunity to expand their financial investment and trading horizons to Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

AIX Head of Markets, Timur Abushkin, commented:

“We are pleased to introduce yet another tool that offers an ever wider range of investment solutions to our clients and are looking forward to further fruitful collaboration with ARQA Technologies in attracting investors to the capital markets of Kazakhstan.”

Head of Business Development at ARQA Technologies, Vladimir Kurlyandchik, said:

“The QUIK platform currently provides trade access for financial organizations on all key trading floors around the world. We are delighted to announce the development of the QUIK trading interface, which gives current and potential QUIK platform clients and their end-users direct access to the Astana International Exchange. Thanks to the excellent support delivered by the AIX team and our company’s expertise in working with a range of exchange platforms, including the Nasdaq Matching Engine system, we have managed to successfully develop and certify the trading interface in just a number of months.”


AIX was formed in 2017 as part of the Astana International Financial Center. Its shareholders are AIFC, Goldman Sachs, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Silk Road Fund, and NASDAQ, which also provides the AIX trading platform. It operates within a regulatory environment based on the principles of English Law, thus providing a reliable investment environment. The AIX mission is to develop an active capital market in Kazakhstan and the region by providing clear and favorable conditions for attracting financing to private and public businesses. AIX develops special segments for mining companies as well as infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road initiative. More details:

AIFC. The Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) was established on the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The constitutional law establishing the AIFC was signed on December 7, 2015. Its goal is to form a leading center for international financial services to help attract investment to the country’s economy, create an attractive environment for investment in financial services, develop the securities market in Kazakhstan and ensure its integration with international capital markets.

ARQA Technologies is an independent software developer with clients around the globe. Its key focus is on developing, implementing and maintaining complex technological solutions for automating operations on financial markets. ARQA Technologies clients include over 300 financial institutions, including banks, sell- and buy-side companies, and trading venues. The company has presences in Novosibirsk, Moscow and London.

QUIK is a broker trading platform that facilitates trading in financial instruments on organized trading floors. It offers wide functionality, including the built-in risk management of trading operations and multiple service capabilities that address the needs of different user categories, from trading desks to private investors. QUIK supports operations with more than 30 global exchange and off-exchange trading systems, as well as integration via a number of technological networks.

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