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How does the exchange work?

The Astana International Exchange (“AIX”) is a trading platform where buyers and sellers meet to trade stocks, bonds and other securities, operating according to AIFC regulations and governed by principles of English common law. The emphasis on adherence to regulation, their strict implementation and ever-improving technology all go a long way to reducing risks for everyone operating on the exchange.

Exchange transactions are instantaneous, and the technology we use allows us to process millions of transactions per second. The trading members operate remotely, and the  trading session  can be viewed in real time  on the www.market.aix.kz exchange website or via  the AIX Connect mobile application.

AIX Registrar is responsible for registering securities owners and the number of securities held by each owner. Issuers have access to the information to track the accrual of dividends.

The Central Securities Depository is responsible for registering investor assets held under brokers’ or custodians’ accounts – the AIX CSD monitors day-to-day cash transactions, securities settlements and depository activities.

Corporate brokers act as trading intermediaries, carrying out client orders to buy or sell, providing advice on investments and other related services.