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Where to start?

1. Choose a broker from the official list of those authorised to act as transaction intermediaries on the AIX. Compare the services they offer, their commission, which banks they work with, and banking transaction tariffs. Once you’ve done that, sign an agreement with your chosen broker and open a broker account. You may also elect to open several accounts with different brokers.

2. Decide on an investment strategy. Self-investing requires experience and an understanding of how to analyse instruments. Brokers can help submit orders correctly and limit losses if prices start to fall sharply. Beginners are far better off with passive investing to acquire market experience and minimise risks.

Investment strategies

Goalprofit from market price fluctuationspotential for future value growth and permanent passive income
Termfrom a few minutes to several weeksshort-term (1-3 years) long-term (5 or more years)
Riskshigh levelmedium level
Skillsexperience, knowledge, analytical skills and a lot of timebasic knowledge of stock market principles
Profitabilityno more than 5% of traders make a profit; 10-15% of traders reach the breakeven area95% of long-term investors usually make a profit
Toolshigh-risk securitiesbonds, dividend stocks and ETF

3. Create a portfolio of securities and determine investment terms and buy or sell price limits for yourself.

4. Deposit the money that you plan to invest in your broker account.

5. After consulting your broker, give them an order to buy the securities you are interested through e-mail, phone, or online trading.  Available options for submitting orders depend on your contractual arrangement.

6. Track share prices in real time on the AIX website or through the AIX Connect application.