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Issuer’s Continuing Obligations

A company listed in the AIX Official List is subject to the continuing obligations imposed by the AIX and AFSA. The key continuing obligations imposed can be found in the AIX Business Rules and the AIFC Market Rules.

To help Reporting Entities to understand AIX disclosure and admission eligibility standards AIX has adopted the Guide to continuing obligations of companies admitted to the AIX Official List (hereafter – the “Guide”).

The Guide provides direction on AIX disclosure standards and the general approach relating to the AIX’s assessment of the suitability of the Issuer or its business for continued listing.

Market disclosure of any information must be released to the market by Reporting Entity through Regulatory Announcement Service (hereafter – RAS).

To understand how to disclose information through RAS please follow the instructions.

If you have questions concerning continuing obligations, please contact AIX Issuers Regulation and Compliance at [email protected].