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Regulation Newsletters

Regulation Newsletter N1
June 2021

This Newsletter Content
This edition of the Newsletter covers:
1) general overview of Issuers’ and Trading Members’ continuing obligations;
2) disciplinary action for breach of AIX Business Rules enforced by R&C in 1H2021

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Regulation Newsletter N2
February 2022

This Newsletter Content
This edition of the Newsletter covers:
1) updates to the Guide on Issuer’s Continuing Obligations;
2) announcement on the educational webinar for Issuers on Annual Reports;
3) general overview and update of Trading Members’ continuing obligations;
4) Trading Member’s obligations with regards to suspended clients’ accounts at the AIX CSD.

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Regulation Newsletter N3
April 2023

This Newsletter Content
I. Thematic Guidance for Issuers;
II. Preparation of Annual Reports by Issuers;
III. Submitting Orders to the AIX Order Book;
IV. Use of foreign omnibus accounts by AIX Trading Members;
V. New regime for taxation of dividends.

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Regulation Newsletter N4
February 2024

This Newsletter Content
I. AIX Business Rules Update
II. Guidance for Issuers: SME Bonds
III. Euroclear Signatory Card requirement
IV. Fees Update
V. AIX has been recognized by the European regulator ESMA
VI. Extension of AIX CSD Admitted Products

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