The AIX CSD opened a nominee account with the Russian National Settlement Depository

13 August 2020

The Astana International Exchange Central Securities Depository (“AIX CSD”) opened a foreign nominee account with the Russian National Settlement Depository (NSD).

As a result, the AIX CSD has gained access to clearing and settlement services in the Russian market, as well as to a wide range of Russian financial instruments. Also, issuers of Astana International Exchange (“AIX”) will be able to offer Ruble-denominated instruments both to foreign and local investors.

Tim Bennett, CEO of AIX, said:

“Getting a direct link with the Russian central securities depository will expand the range of market access options which we provide our investors and will contribute to further development of securities market of Kazakhstan”.

Anna Kolesnichenko, CEO of AIX CSD, said:

We are very pleased to become NSD participant, as this opens up new opportunities for investment solutions for our clients. NSD is one of the leading depositories in the region, providing a wide range of services in the area of nominal holding and settlement. We are glad that we can provide our clients with direct access to the Russian securities market“.

Denis Buryakov, Managing Director for Depository Operations at NSD, said:

“We are pleased to provide AIX and AIX CSD and their clients with a reliable and technologically advanced infrastructure to operate on the Russian securities market. Expanding NSD’s correspondent network diversifies the participants’ risks and offers more opportunities for investors to access the Russian securities market.”

Reference information:

AIX was formed in 2017 within the Astana International Financial Centre development framework. AIX shareholders are AIFC, Goldman Sachs, the Shanghai stock exchange, the silk Road Fund, and NASDAQ, which also provides the AIX trading platform. The exchange operates within a regulatory environment based on the principles of English common law, thus providing a reliable investment environment. The mission of AIX is to develop an active capital market in Kazakhstan and the region by providing clear and favorable conditions for attracting financing to private and public businesses. AIX develops special segments for mining companies as well as infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road initiative. More details:

AIX CSD. Astana International Exchange Central Securities Depository Limited (AIX CSD) is a private company incorporated under the Acting law of the AIFC responsible for daily cash and securities settlement and depositary activities. AIX CSD holds a commercial license from the Registrar of Companies of the Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA). AFSA, where AIX CSD is incorporated, also acts as the AIX CSD’s Regulator. AIX CSD is solely owned by AIX.

AIFC. Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) was established on the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The constitutional law establishing AIFC was signed on December 7, 2015. The aim of AIFC is to form a leading center of international financial services. The objectives of AIFC are to assist in attracting investments into the country’s economy, create an attractive environment for investment in financial services, develop the securities market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ensure its integration with international capital markets.

NSD. The National Settlement Depository is the central securities depository, a member of Moscow Exchange Group. NSD was established on 27 June 1996. The total cost of assets in custody at NSD as of 30 June 2020 has reached 52.4 trillion RUB. The Bank of Russia assigned NSD the status of a payment system operator with the registered name of “NSD Payment System”. NSD conducts all on-exchange and most part of over-the-counter settlements, servicing both Russian and foreign securities. Currently, NSD has accounts with central depositories and international clearing houses in 8 countries as well as correspondent accounts with a number of major foreign and Russian banks. Securities of issuers from over 40 countries are serviced by NSD.

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