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Retail Investor Market Development

One of the AIX’s objectives is to increase retail investor number; make investing in securities more accessible; and promote the concept of stock exchange investments as a good alternative to deposits and real estate. It is also working on creating and developing a wide range of financial products that will be available for the average person in Kazakhstan.

In 2022 the AIX launched a direct subscription platform for the IPOs in the framework of the Privatization Program of Samruk-Kazyna Fund, providing equal access to all citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan to subscribe to shares in National companies.

Direct subscription is an agreement to purchase shares at their initial public offering directly from the issuer without intermediaries (a broker or underwriter). Direct subscription can be conducted along with the usual way of collecting applications from retail and institutional investors through brokers or underwriters (bookbuilding).

The direct subscription will be available through a Tabys mobile application and/or Kazpost network throughout Kazakhstan.

To get a direct subscription for the IPO through Tabys app, the investor is required to have an ID card and a smartphone with Internet access. The service is available online, 24/7.

Another way is to go to one of the automated Kazpost offices and approach an operator to get a direct subscription and a technical consultation if needed.

 Tabys mobile application was developed in December 2021 to attract those smaller retail investors who are unfamiliar with the stock market and helps them to invest for their financial future.