AIX offers its infrastructure to attract investments to the Republic of Uzbekistan

12 September 2019

Within the framework of the international conference on “Capital Market of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, organized by “Cbonds” in Tashkent, where representatives of the Uzbek Regulatory authorities, financial institutions and businesses were present, top management of Astana International Exchange (“AIX”) has presented the opportunities AIX is offering today to facilitate the inflow of foreign investments into the region.

AIX representatives believe that Central Asia as a region which has enormous growth potential and foreign capital may be interested in investments subject to coordinated efforts towards favorable investment climate from the regional perspective.

CEO of AIX, Tim Bennett, commented: 

“We are happy to invite Uzbek companies to mutually beneficial cooperation to attract foreign investments into the region through the AIFC and AIX infrastructure. We believe that AIX existing ecosystem and the infrastructure can help to boost the interest of foreign investors to the Uzbek market.”

Currently, Uzbekistan endeavors to inspire international investors to come to Uzbekistan and the Government’s privatization program shall be of great help. From the costs optimization perspective as well as strengthening the economic ties and from the single social and cultural context, IPO of Uzbek companies at the Astana International Exchange could be a good starting point, AIX representatives stated.


AIX was created in 2017 within the AIFC development framework. AIX shareholders are: AIFC, Goldman Sachs, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Silk Road Fund and NASDAQ which provides AIX trading platform. The exchange operates within a regulatory environment based on the principles of English common law, ensuring reliable conditions for investments. AIX’s mission is to develop a deep and liquid capital market in Kazakhstan and the region by providing clear and favourable conditions for private and public businesses to raise capital. AIX is developing special segments for mining companies, as well as infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road initiative. Read more:

AIFC. Launched in 2018 at the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, AIFC offers capital markets financing opportunities, as well as Islamic finance, private wealth management and other financial solutions.  The Centres jurisdiction operates under its own laws which are based on Common law, with independent management and judicial bodies, and partnerships with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Silk Road Fund, NASDAQ and Goldman Sachs.  AIFC serves as a platform for international investors, including Chinese investors, to identify potential opportunities in Kazakhstan and other countries in the region, including Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, among others.

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