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Regional Equity Market Segment

As the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on capital markets and the global economy as a whole, we expect to see more midsize companies looking for simpler and more cost-effective ways of raising capital, and a regional equity market (REMS) listing could be one such opportunity for Kazakhstan businesses.

The regional equity market:

  • Understands the various aspects of midsize companies and their investors best.
  • Promotes the development of an ecosystem to raise capital for Kazakhstan companies.
  • Increases foreign and regional investor interest to ensure a dynamic and more liquid market.
  • Reduces the administrative burden for potential issuers.
  • Provides an alternative to bank lending when it is unavailable or when terms are unfavourable.
  • Is less expensive, and offers simpler listing and capital raising procedures for issuers.
  • Makes investing in the AIFC jurisdiction, which protects investor interests according to international standards and practices, far more convenient.

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