The AIX provides a state-of-the-art and reliable financial trading platform

About AIX

The Astana International Exchange (AIX) is a regional platform which attracts financial inflows within the framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative

The role of the AIX is to enable domestic and regional development, through the mobilisation of domestic resources and foreign portfolio flows. In doing so, the exchange promotes good governance through its business practices.

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The AIX will offer wide geographical coverage, numerous opportunities for clients, and a variety of products and services

Wide geographical coverage

The Astana International Exchange encourages healthy competition between local and foreign parties, with equal regulations in place for all participants, based on the highest international standards. Securities can also be denominated in four currencies (KZT, RUB, USD and RMB).

Opportunities for clients

The AIX will offer investors access to national assets which are to have IPOs on the exchange, as well as government and corporate issued securities from Kazakhstan and other countries. It will also provide sources of income for national institutional investors.

Variety of products and services

A wide range of different asset classes, including equity, debt and derivative instruments, funds, commodities, and products accordant to Islamic finance, will be available on the AIX.


For Investors

Independent jurisdiction based on principles of English Law;
Tax privileges for investors, which create an additional investment appeal for the company;
A high level of transparency and corporate governance of companies;
Independent regulator functioning in accordance with international standards.

For Issuers

Access to the capital pool required for the growth and implementation of strategic plans of the company;
A state-of-the-art exchange infrastructure with a complete value chain of services;
The AIFC partnership with recognised global market players;
Easier market valuation for listed companies.
AIX Listing Procedure

For Brokers

Risk management in accordance with international standards;
Remote membership;
Tax exemptions;
Independent regulator functioning in accordance with international standards.
AIX Membership Procedure

Key AIX Partnerships

Strategic partners of the AIX include world-leading stock exchanges which contribute to the development of the stock market liquidity and provide modern and recognisable trading platform solutions for the AIX

The AIFC has signed a Shareholders Agreement with the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As terms of this agreement, the Shanghai Stock Exchange cooperates with the AIFC on strategy and technology consulting, business planning, product design, market expansion and liquidity growth. SSE will also work closely with AIX to support the "Belt and Road" Initiative.

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Nasdaq is a strategic partner and the technology provider of AIX. Nasdaq has delivered its state of the art trading technology to AIX which will provide international and domestic investors with easy and comfortable access to AIX’s attractive financial instruments. The Nasdaq Matching Engine system offers exceptional performance and functionality.

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