Total traded value on AIX in July reached US$24.4 mln or KZT 10.8 bln

02 August 2023

Astana International Exchange (AIX) presents its market operational update for July 2023. The monthly trading value in July 2023 reached US$24,483,890 (equivalent to KZT 10,885,552,540).

Trading Update

SecurityNbr trades in July% Change over prior monthValue traded in July% Change over prior monthVolume traded in July% Change over prior monthNbr trades YTDValue traded YTD
CCBN12943.33KZT 10,714,2781,183.0815,9011,198.04908KZT 79,959,030
HSBK37938.32KZT 52,278,408-66.90318,021-69.382,808KZT 1,433,146,810
HSBK.Y142-26.42USD 477,233-38.5132,698-44.24995USD 4,061,446
KAP28686.93KZT 395,878,920113.5030,766114.131,233KZT 1,487,266,375
KAP.Y210-0.94USD 1,374,588-17.9851,000-17.041,120USD 6,227,207
KMG455136.98KZT 2,032,273,934392.81191,294365.744,206KZT 14,903,610,332
KSPI21024.26USD 683,021-6.728,156-10.931,287USD 5,983,739
NOG1,787145.80KZT 16,809,470-31.87204,26510.152,546KZT 42,801,978
POLY1,6850.42USD 2,636,181106.23908,43997.759,648USD 9,295,779

[1] Based on the currency rates from National Bank of Kazakhstan for the day of trade

Security  Nbr trades in July  % Change over prior monthValue traded in July  % Change over prior month  Volume traded in July  % Change over prior month  Nbr trades YTD  Value traded YTD  
Structured Products
BTC1NAUSD 21,454NA1,184NA1USD 21,454
FFIX13333.33USD 149,717742.47967740.8740USD 614,121
IXD1NAUSD 6,970NA697NA7USD 30,541
IXI10.00USD 4,019-19.57719-20.293USD 13,019
QZA40.00KZT 38,505212.1112200.0023KZT 302,690
QZP8300.00KZT 3,481,3838,627.681,0158,358.3315KZT 4,203,265

SecurityNbr trades in July% Change over prior monthValue traded in July% Change over prior monthVolume traded in July% Change over prior monthNbr trades YTDValue traded YTD
Fixed Income
5AOIL.052449104.17USD 56,72196.1257796.93303USD 3,762,167
ALTN.042531-31.11USD 111,616-73.121108-73.31262USD 10,536,856
CHFH.122382290.48USD 529,582126.545270125.31347USD 1,954,991
CITIX.06253-98.28USD 10,300-99.90100-99.90177USD 10,013,977
FAR1.07262NAUSD 202,672NA108NA2USD 202,672
FFSPC.1026350.00USD 489,97066.71566.67137USD 29,103,310
GFM1.04251-50.00USD 99,4906533.339956533.3310USD 1,099,015
GFM2.04264300.00USD 65,156557.61652552.0011USD 513,594
HCKZ4.052410NAUSD 2,573,227NA2734NA10USD 2,573,227
HCKZ5.062432-11.11USD 9,147,835-23.359723-23.9068USD 21,082,490
MFOK.032475-8.54KZT 64,435,024-62.7465694-63.84584KZT 621,800,835
NEF.11231674.38KZT 21,405,273-82.5821407-82.58868KZT 779,938,018
TFG.12232100.00KZT 1,469,950196.963200.00195KZT 4,648,263,400


AIX was formed in 2017 within the Astana International Financial Centre development framework. AIX shareholders are AIFC, the Shanghai stock exchange, the Silk Road Fund, and NASDAQ, which also provides the AIX trading platform. The exchange operates within a regulatory environment based on the principles of English Law, thus providing a reliable investment environment. The mission of AIX is to develop an active capital market in Kazakhstan and the region by providing clear and favorable conditions for attracting financing to private and public businesses. AIX develops special segments for mining companies as well as infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road initiative. More details: 

The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is an independent jurisdiction that started (AIFC) is an independent jurisdiction with a favourable legal and regulatory environment and a developed infrastructure for starting and doing business, attracting investment, creating jobs and developing Kazakhstan’s economy.