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Anna Kolesnichenko

CEO of AIX Depository and AIX Registrar

I’m not afraid to start from a scartch

I have graduated from the Almaty Banking College in “Banking” and Turan University in “Finance and Credit”. After that, I graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University with a “Masters in Business Administration”. 

In 1994, I worked for the Kazakhstan State Treasury and then the Kazakhstan National Bank. Between 1997 and the middle of 2015, I spent time with the Central Securities Depository, rising from an entry-grade specialist to Management Board member. I still have immense respect for all of my colleagues and remember fondly the great team at the Central Depository. 

Between 2016 and 2018, I tried my hand at owning and managing a small business. Even though it was in no way related to the financial market, the experience of managing my own company has been unforgettable and really useful in my further career. 

In the middle of 2018, I was offered the chance to join the AIX as the Central Depository and Registrar CEO. It was such an ambitious and tempting offer that it didn’t take long to agree. 

So much of what we did was from scratch. The scope of work was incredible, and I’ll probably never forget the first few months of working at the AIX until the day I die. Having said that, the AIX managed to put together an amazing team of ambitious professionals not afraid of difficulties and barriers, who not only supported me, but became role models. And we were a success! 

I enjoy working on the stock market. We cross paths with so many different market elements, exchange, including custodians, brokers, other depositories, settlement banks, issuers and investors… Each of them is unique, and finding the right approach can be tricky. But don’t forget, you’ll also learn a lot from them. 

I’m not afraid to start from a scratch. If I see that I’ve gone as far as I can go with something and there’s nothing more to be done, I’ll start looking for new experiences. 

So, when I began at the AIX, my normal horizons expanded. I work with people from different countries and compatriots in other companies. I’ve noticed that more and more overseas clients are joining the AIX, bringing their experience, demonstrating their unique vision and at the same time enriching my own experience. On top of that, we’re working under a different jurisdiction, English law, which means the language of the job also English. 

To be successful at the AIX, you need to be ready to work hard, not rest on your laurels and make sure you’re open to experiments. Probably, the most important thing is being part of a large team. If we’re going to be successful, we have to work together as one.