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Aigerim Akylova

Analyst, Public Issuers

Being heard

After finishing my studies in China in my speciality, “financial accounting”, I began working for the Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance, and when I first heard that the AIX was being launched, I was immediately very interested as it was the first international exchange in the CIS operating under rules that everyone across the world could understand. During the interviews for the job, I implicitly believed in the project’s success and really wanted to become a part of the story. I still remember fondly my first few days working there. I was on an emotional drive, experiencing a feeling of unity and a common goal to be successful. The atmosphere at the AIX inspired me and filled me with energy. 

To begin with I worked with the Belt and Road market and that was great because I was involved in bringing major financial players from China to Kazakhstan. The result of our efforts was the first Yuan bond issue in Central Asia.

For me it is very important to be able to express my ideas at work, test them and, ultimately, implement them. I’m very pleased to say that this is true for everyone working at the AIX. We are always able to get together, brainstorm and exchange ideas on whatever project we’re implementing. Both our team and management are open minded, open to dialogue and ready to hear any opinions. I think that’s one of the components of a successful operating process. 

I have a very dynamic job, and no project is the same as the next. For the most part, my job involves communicating with issuers to guarantee them a successful listing. I get great pleasure when I see the results of our joint efforts when new companies are being listed on the AIX. Our issuers, by listing their shares and bonds, are raising funds to grow their businesses, while investors purchasing their securities get the opportunity to earn dividends. This is so important for the Kazakhstan economy because we treat each listing as our contribution to its development. 

The AIX creates favourable conditions to help the financial ecosystem grow. We make sure we follow best-practice regulatory standards to guarantee the transparency of issuer activities, giving investors the opportunity to better assess the potential for securities, and companies to gain access to global capital markets. 

AIX’s main asset is its people. We have a very large number of professionals, each of whom takes responsibility for his or her own section. At the same time, my colleagues all live active and full lives outside of the office, and I enjoy spending time with them. To become a part of the team you just need to make sure you’re not scared of showing initiative and bringing something new to the whole team.