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Retail Investor Market Development

One of the AIX’s objectives is to increase retail investor number; make investing in securities more accessible; and promote the concept of stock exchange investments as a good alternative to deposits and real estate. It is also working on creating and developing a wide range of financial products that will be available for the average person in Kazakhstan.

Exchange-traded notes (ETN) AIX launched four new exchange-traded notes (ETNs) in order to provide local retail investors with a broader range of investment options. There are now 9 ETNs listed which track various benchmark indexes, such as high yield US corporate bonds and high dividend companies. All of them can be traded not only via brokers, but also via Tabys mobile application. Tabys was developed to attract those smaller retail investors who are unfamiliar with the stock market and helps them to invest for their financial future.

In conjunction with BCC Invest JSC, AIX listed BCC Global Exchange Traded Notes linked to the performance of one of the largest domestic interval mutual funds – “CenterCredit-Valyutniy”.

In December 2020 new exchange-traded notes – Freedom Finance IPO Fund Exchange Traded Notes linked to the performance of its Fund of Initial Public Offerings were listed on AIX. The notes will be traded on AIX with Freedom Finance JSC acting as a market maker, providing easy access and liquidity for investors.

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